Bowman-Naseer Family History

This database documents the ancestry of Matthew Jeffrey Bowman and Ammar Badar Mohsin Naseer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Our families have roots in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada; Kirachi, Pakistan; Birmingham, England; Amritsar, India; Glasgow, Scotland; and Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Last names of recent ancestors include Bowman, Bluhm, Caddick, Gibson, Krease, Master, Toman, Ali, Naseer, Imtiaz, and Raja


Margaret Ann Murray
18 Jan 1890

Margaret Isabel Levan Malone
18 Jan 1934

Marlene Toman
18 Jan 1938


No Anniversaries Today.


Sarah Tolan
18 Jan 1875

Maria Fried
18 Jan 1917

Albert Master
18 Jan 1941

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